Speaking on the topics in his book, Justin confronts comparison, handling hate, and the pressures and anxiety that social media can cause.

Justin includes original music in his presentation to enhance the message and make it more engaging for the audience.


Justin Burke is a singer/songwriter, speaker, university student and social media personality. Through his original music and content, Justin has grown a community of over 1.5 million followers and over 100 million views across his social media platforms. He is a host for a popular live stream TV show where he performs his original music, leads songwriting sessions, and gives advice and encouragement. Most importantly, Justin’s mission is to put an end to cyberbullying, encourage students to their influence on social media to spread kindness and love, and courageously make a positive difference in the world.

“Today we live in a world where our worth can be determined by our social media presence. But my dear friend, Justin Burke, tells us how problematic that can be and more importantly, how powerful it will be to find our true purpose in life.”

- DeVon Franklin, Top Hollywood producer, NYT best-selling author, acclaimed motivational speaker

“Justin Burke is a light in his generation; he is not afraid to stand up for what is good and right, and encourages those around him to do the same. I am a huge fan, and inspired by the voice he is to our generation to stop comparing to other people's lives, and start living our own."

– Laurie P. Short, best-selling author of When Changing Nothing Changes Everything, former Youth Specialties speaker

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