Justin’s passion is to create positive music that will uplift and bring joy to his generation.


Justin Burke is a singer/songwriter, speaker, university student and social media personality. Through his original music and content, Justin has grown a community of over 1.5 million followers and over 100 million views across his social media platforms. He is a host for a popular live stream TV show where he performs his original music, leads songwriting sessions, and gives advice and encouragement. Most importantly, Justin’s passion is to encourage his generation to find their worth and value in who God uniquely created them to be, use their influence on social media to spread kindness and love, and courageously make a positive difference in the world.

Justin’s music career started at age two, when his dad put drumsticks in his hands and he played a perfectly syncopated beat on any object he could find. He went on to become an accomplished drummer, eventually starting a drum school when he was a teen. At the age of 12, Justin began to hone his skills in video editing and producing, creating parody music videos that attracted 5 million views by age 15 due to his carefree and positive presence. 

Justin has had exponential growth in his social media reach since releasing his first EP "Sound of the Sunshine" on iTunes, which charted #3 singer/songwriter the first day, holding on the charts for 3 weeks. His music draws people of all ages  - the upbeat, beachy melodies and positive, thoughtful lyrics are infectious. 

Always wanting to grow and develop, Justin decided to take up guitar and start singing. For a solid year, he worked hard at developing his voice, singing and playing at his church, and developing a student worship band for the youth.  Justin's driving values have always been to inspire and bring out the best in people, strive for excellence, and dream big.  

Justin’s passion is to create positive music that will uplift and bring joy to his generation. His music is upbeat, beachy, with a reggae/pop feel that is unique and refreshing. His lyrics are genuine, authentic, and heartfelt – just like he is. He loves people, loves God, loves the beach, surfing, sailing, and soccer and basically anything out in the sunshine! All these inspire the music he’s been writing for the past few years—truly the “Sound of the Sunshine!”

Justin’s mission is to spread light and love in the world through positive music, using his influence with the younger generation by helping them know they matter to God, have a unique and wonderful purpose for their lives, and can dream big!