Beyond Influence

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Beyond Influence is perfect for entrepreneurs and influencers- from lifestyle bloggers to fitness trainers to authors- anyone looking to grow their following and reach millions through social media. This is the step-by-step blueprint to making this a reality.

With over 1.7 million followers across platforms, a best-selling book, top-charted songs, and a portfolio of working with premium brands, Justin understands the power of social media. With so much negativity online, the world is in desperate need of more positive influencers and brands who are passionate about what they do and on a mission to make a difference. Justin created Beyond Influence as the go-to video course on how to build your brand and influence through social media. 

With over 6 hours of on-demand video & audio content, Justin shows you exactly how to...

  • Create a movement
  • Exponentially grow your following and reach millions (broken down into practical steps)
  • Create and scale your business model for sustainability to further your impact

BONUS: Justin's self-read audiobook version of his book  More Than Liked: Staying True to You in a Social Media-Obsessed Generation is included free with the purchase of Beyond Influence. 

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