Justin Burke is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter/musician from Austin, Texas.

His first self-produced EP as a teen charted #3 on singer-songwriter charts, and his most recent 9-song album, "If I'm Being Honest", debuted November 2018 at #20. Justin has accumulated millions of views and streams on his original songs across his platforms, and his live broadcasts reach thousands of fans daily. His popular 2017 online TV show, where he wrote a short song with viewers each episode, boasted up to 130,000 fans at once. This success is due to his creative melodies and lyrics, magnetic vocals, and authentic interaction with viewers. 

    Justin’s musical talent emerged at age 2, when his dad put drumsticks in his hands, and he played a syncopated beat on any object he could find. He went on to become an accomplished drummer, eventually starting a drum school when he was a teen. At the age of 12, Justin began to hone his skills in video editing, recording and producing, creating parody music You Tube videos that attracted 5 million views by age 15 due to his creativity and carefree, positive personality.

    Always desiring to grow and develop, early in his teens Justin decided to take up guitar and start singing. For a solid year in high school, he worked hard at developing his vocal and guitar skills, and began singing and performing at his church. He then developed and led a student worship band, mentoring young musicians, and was a featured vocal performer in main stage mega-church productions.  At 18, Justin entered college while continuing his music endeavors, and since then has performed his music in a variety of venues. Being a goal-driven person, combined with his extraordinary focus and creativity, over the last several years Justin has been able to write and produce multiple singles, videos, and release his latest debut album of 9 original songs with success.  

    Justin’s passion is to create music that will uplift and inspire his generation. With genuine, heartfelt lyrics and soulful, rich vocals, Justin’s music reflects who he is. His most recent album, "If I'm Being Honest", gives listeners a song for every mood- showcasing his gift of songwriting across genres. His soulful, melodic voice captivates listeners with each song. With his captivating and contagious music, combined with his magnetic personality and experience performing on stage, Justin continues to grow his reach and influence, accumulating over 1.5 million fans.

Given his global reach and heart for people, in partnership with his music, Justin is committed to using his influence to courageously to make a positive difference in the world. In March of 2018, Justin released his best-selling book, More than Liked: Staying True to You in a Social Media-Obsessed Generation, tackling 30 of the biggest challenges young people face around identity and self worth, confronting the cyber-bullying epidemic threatening our current generation, and offering practical solutions for change.